Are you ready to transform your life?

Welcome to the Synergy Mentoring programme which provides you with a safe haven to explore scenarios and tap into your inner Self’s wisdom; we will help you to work out an action plan where there is no room for self-sabotage, where your authentic voice can shine and where you will feel truly able to shine your light.

Synergy Mentoring is a fabulous way to explore your full potential in a safe environment, with someone who really understands where you have been and is passionate about helping you to re-connect with your Self where you can achieve a happy, harmonious and profitable work-life balance.  Even better, the programme is run online so you can access it any time you have a free moment!

Our mentoring services will bring to you:
* enthusiasm and an unshakeable belief in you
* empathy and strong listening skills
* extensive experience and knowledge
* a global-wide network of quality business contacts
* a commitment to provide consistency throughout our relationship
* thoughtful reflection
* complete honesty

What you need to bring to mentoring
Your commitment, your ideas, your vision and your belief that you are worth it!

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… or please call Callie on +44 (0)7921 669012 for a free 30-minute mentor consultation to check this is the perfect programme for you!

Do you need a mentor? “How on earth would I know if I needed one?!”, you may be asking yourself …

Well, maybe you:
* have a particular issue where you could really do with a little bit of advice or information from someone who has been down that path before?
* find yourself struggling along, questioning yourself at every turn, over the direction and future of your business?
* feel that you have got the skills but find yourself fearful of taking on clients because you just aren’t sure if you are ready?

“Know that when you are in awe of someone else’s greatness, you’re really seeing yourself.  Identify what you most admire or love about others and see how you can nourish those qualities and bring them out in yourself.  Instead of fixating on someone else’s brilliance, find ways to develop and demonstrate your own”

~ Debby Ford