Synergy Mentoring: how the programme works

Step 1:  You sign up for the Synergy Mentoring programme *whoohooo*

Step 2:  You will receive a welcome email from Callie, which invites you to sign up at MailChimp – this is the only way to access your Synergy Mentoring programme sessions at timely intervals so please do action this as a matter of priority! You will also receive a separate email inviting you to join the Empowered Healers support network

Step 3: Your first session will arrive by email on day 1 after you have signed-up for updates at MailChimp …

Things to action

:: Set a date with Callie for your 1-hour mentoring meeting at the start of each month
As part of your monthly Synergy Mentoring fee, you are entitled to a 1 hour telephone meeting (or face-to-face if you live locally) with Callie each month to discuss your progress

:: Create a physical folder or somewhere to store your workbooks and materials

:: Create a folder in your email inbox (for your Synergy Mentoring sessions) and create another folder on your computer, to store your Synergy Mentoring workbooks

:: Download your workbook for each session and work through your answers.  You just need to click in the relevant box (or use the tab key on your keyboard) to add your text and the boxes will automatically grow as you type, so you do not need to limit yourself to a few words or sentences.

When you are ready, please save your workbook and email to Callie – alternatively, you may wish to print out your workbook and post a copy to Callie when you have finished.

:: We will then work through your workbooks together during our monthly 1-hour session, and also via email exchanges.  Please note that depending in your workbook answers, we will be able to offer you a tailor-made programme with additional suggestions and mini-projects to work on, relevant to your needs.

De-stress your life … tidy minds makes for much lighter work!

You may also like to consider keeping a journal for your thoughts as you progress through the Synergy Mentoring programme ~ you will undoubtedly make fabulous changes in your life as we work together, so why not make a record of them as you go along. How wonderful to sit back and read through your journal, basking in reflection and knowing just how AWESOME you are!!!

Your Synergy Mentoring schedule